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In my last blog I made the case that Unbound haven't so much created a new way of publishing, as re-established an old one. By beginning the process by having authors petition for subscribers, they echo the ways that writer's funded works in the 18th Century. There you go - Unbound is an Augustan institution.

Now they have formed a partnership with a distributor who is also using the internet to create something that already existed. As you probably know, Dickens released most of his work in installments, either monthly (the big novels like David Copperfield) or weekly (more compact works, such as Great Expectations). The Pigeonhole will deliver The Continuity Girl to you in 10 installments over ten days.

I like that they're called 'staves' - that's a Dickensian reference, too, and one appropriate to a novel that will be serialised from 4 December. No ghosts in my novel, but there is a reckoning with the past.

And here's the clincher - for 200 people, the book will delivered free. At time of writing there are 140 free slots still available. Grab one of them while you can. This is literally something for nothing, if you want it to be - but what Unbound and I would really like you to do is to chat about the book on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads or other social media as much and as loudly as you can.

You can sign up to read The Continuity Girl on the Pigeonhole website here.

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